gowns price in bangalore

Gowns In bangalore with price For Stitching

Gowns In Bangalore With Prices For stitching 
Types Of GownsDesigner Gown Stitching Charges Book Now
Bridal gownsRs 10000 On WardsRs 3500 On WardsClick Here
Wedding GownsRs 10000 O.WRs 3500 O.WClick Here
Party GownsRs 6000 O.WRs 2500 O.WClick Here
Evening GownsRs 7000 O.WRs 2500 O.WClick Here
Christian Wedding GownsRs 9000 O.WRs 3000 O.WClick Here
Maternity GownsRs 5000 O.WRs 3000 O.WClick Here
Ball GownsRs 10000 O.WRs 3000 O.WClick Here
Ethnic GownsRs 7000 O.WRs 3000 O.WClick Here
Engagement GownsRs 8000 O.WRs 3000 O.WClick Here

Deciding the price of The Gown is not so easy so we need to decide depending on the fabric and the material
and pushed it longer might differ in size unfitting but a designer Gown is very customized about the size and the fitting so here is the small note of it
The prizes of different types of lehengas of pre stitched and designer wear
so we here at Bangalore designer boutique have an exclusive collection of Gowns with unique designs Bangalore designer boutique offers designer Gowns made with pure fabrics and Best masters and workers

Contact Us for furthur prizes and designs

Designer Bridal Gown

Wedding lehenga for rent in bangalore
 a gown worn by the bride at a weddingbridal gownwedding dress. gown – a woman’s dress, usually with a close-fitting bodice and a long flared skirt, often worn on formal occasions.

Designer wedding gown

Bridal lehenga For Rent In bangalore

Designer dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Designer party gowns

designer party gowns price

PARTYGOWN/Anarkali gown is the perfect attire for traditional ceremonies. Whether you are attending a close relative’s engagement function or it’s your own big day, an anarkali gown will spice up your ethnic look.  Anarkali gown is the perfect attire for traditional ceremonies.

Designer evening gowns

designer evening gown price

An evening gownevening dress or gown is a long flowing dress usually worn at formal occasions. The drop ranges from ballerina (mid-calf to just above the ankles), tea (above the ankles), to full-length. Such gowns are typically worn with a evening gloves. Evening gowns are usually made of luxurious fabrics such as chiffonvelvetsatinorganza, etc. Silk is a popular fibre for many evening gowns. Although the terms are used interchangeably, ball gowns and evening gowns differ in that a ball gown will always have a full skirt and a fitted bodice, while an evening gown can be any silhouettesheath, mermaid, A-line, or trumpet shaped—and may have straps, halters or even sleeves.

Designer christian wedding gown

wedding gown for rent

Designer maternity gowns

maternity gowns for rent

The most happiest moment of a womens life is being a mom , enjoy the moment with our maternity gowns

designer ball gowns

designer ball gown price

ball gownballgown or gown is a type of evening gown worn to a ball or a formal event. Most versions are cut off the shoulder with a low décolletage, exposed arms, and long bouffant styled skirts. Such gowns are typically worn with a opera-length white gloves and vintage jewellery or couture, stole (a formal shawl in expensive fabric), cape or cloak in lieu of a coat. Where “state decorations” are to be worn, they are on a bow pinned to the chest, and married women wear a tiara if they have one. Although synthetic fabrics are now sometimes used, the most common fabrics are satinsilktaffeta and velvet with trimmings of lacepearlssequinsembroideryruffles, ribbons, rosettes and ruching

Designer ethnic gowns

designer ethnic gowns price

its the perfect culture of indian attire , get your attire from us

Designer engagement gowns

designer engagement gowns price
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