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gown for rent in bangalore

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designer gowns for rent in bangalore

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Gowns We Rent

Bridal Gown For Rent

Get a Perfect Indian Bridal gown for Your Wedding on rent. An  bridal gown is exclusively designed for one special girl awaiting her D-day and trying to collect the precious moments and celebrate your last few hours of singlehood.

Designer Gown For Rent

Designer Gowns  have been one of the most popular occasion wear in vogue over the past few years. The beauty and glamour quotient of an embroidered designer Gown is unbeatable which is why more and more people are opting to rent designer Gowns for weddings, sangeet, cocktail, reception, and other festives

Gowns  For Photo Shoot

It might be a pre wedding Shoot , Nor a model shoot Get designer Lehengas on rent at best prices

10 tips you must read before you rent a gown

Gowns are exorbitantly priced, so you have finally decided that you are going to rent a gown. Keep these tips in mind before you rent to have a hassle-free renting experience.

  1. Read customer reviews 

Get to know the experience of other customers by reading the reviews and checking ratings online. If the rating is less than, three it is better to look for other rental sources. Check if there are reviews on google, testimonials on the website, or social media. 

  1. Start looking months before the big day

If you want to get the design you want, start searching for the gown at least a month or two ahead. Most of the rental stored offer advanced bookings, and you will not miss out on great designs due to lack of availability.

  1. Double-check what is covered in the security deposit

Read through the policy carefully to check what is taken care of in the security deposit. Read and understand if the alteration charges, shipping charges are covered. You do not want to miss out on any of the hidden charges.

  1. Try the gown on as soon as you receive

Make sure you try out the gown as soon as you receive it. If it does not fit very well, you will still have time to get it altered.

  1. Check for any wear and tear when you receive

Check if there is any wear tear on the gown as soon as you receive it. If it does, any inform the boutique immediately. You will not have to pay the extra fee in the end.

  1. Have an open mind

When you are looking out for gowns, it is good to have pictures of designs you like. Take advice from loved ones on what would look best on you. Also, have an open mind to try out gowns not under your list. An open mind is helpful if you are not able to find the one you are looking for.

  1. Plan your accessories

Check If accessories are available for rent from the same store. Look at the accessories and check that they go well with the gown you rent. If the renting option is not available, you can buy them.

  1. Discuss what would happen if the gown gets stained, or torn

Read the FAQs terms and conditions carefully to check the policy on how much you would have to pay for staining or god-forbid the gown getting torn. Talk in detail about this with the store owner and get your doubts cleared.

  1. Remember to return the gown on time

Return the gown on time the day after the event to avoid any late fee. If you cannot return yourself, make sure you arrange for a friend or relative to return the gown. You can also courier it.

  1. Keep your secret

Do not tell any of your relatives who you don’t trust that you have rented the gown. It will keep you safe from the relatives, and friends who gossip. Save yourself from the unwanted drama with this tip. Keep calm, and rock on.

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