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Best Blouse Designers In Bangalore .Any wedding occasion needs an very marvelous attire. Wedding is not just an event it is a celebration of two souls. Blouse plays a very vital role in one's saree attire. Blouse are the very pivotal in the saree fashion. Boutique Designer Blouse has high demand with the existence of a wide variety of designs in market. If you type boutique designer blouse near me in your google search, you have a wide variety of blouse boutique available. But we are the Best Designer Blouse Studio In Bangalore!

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The designing of blouse depends on once artistic and creative ideas. Bridal blouse boutique is available to fulfill your fashion needs for your special event. And we, are expert in bridal blouse designs with a wide variety of collection with a skilled team of very artistic and experienced masters. We are a famous designer studio in Bangalore with best Designs.

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Blouse designer boutique is the one stop solution for all your bridal-ware fashion needs. We value your dreams for your big day and our team of friendly designer who can understand your needs, accordingly give life to your demands. Embracing your uniqueness, come find that perfecting and elegant look created personally for you.


With your wedding day getting closer, wonder where to start with your wedding shopping? Look no further, we are right here near you, to pamper the princess in you and to make your bridal shopping as stress free and smooth as possible. To have that dream outfit doesn't mean it cannot be budget friendly.

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We Are renowned as the best designer for blouse stitching in Bangalore for the size and designs that fits our customers, basically our stitching and designs are unique to give the best to you. Blouse boutique in Bangalore is the one-stop fashion destination where you can rely on and choose your favorite designs with attractive price

Designer Blouses – 6 tips for the perfect blouse


Your saree’s blouse is your most important garment. Your blouse is a garment that can make or break your look. An average saree, when worn with a well-fitted blouse, will elevate your complete look. In the same way, even if you wear an exquisite saree with a blouse which is not fitting well, it will not do justice to your saree.


There have been so many times that you had imagined a look. And when you get the blouse stitched and tried it on, you were not satisfied. To avoid this disappointment, ensure that you keep these tips in mind to get the perfect blouse.


  1. Choose the right tailor:


The hunt for the tailor is never-ending. A very few lucky women have had the same tailor for years. Until you find your lucky one, don’t give the big day’s blouse to a new tailor. Give a few everyday blouses for stitching, and check the fitting. You can trust the tailor with the designer blouses only if the fitting is perfect.


  1. Correct Measurements


When the tailor takes measurements ensure that the fit is comfortable, not too snug. The tape should neither be too tight nor too loose. If you cannot visualize how deep the neckline is, do not hesitate to talk and get your doubts clarified. 


When you try out the blouse after stitching pay attention to the armhole, shoulder, and back. Extra fabric, discomfort around these areas are clear signs of an ill-fitting blouse.


  1. Don’t give a measurement blouse


It is awkward when the tailor is taking your measurements. To avoid this the easiest solution seems like giving a measurement blouse. But when you give a measurement blouse, if the design and the fabric of the measurement blouse are not the same as the one you are planning to get stitched, the result may not be the perfect fit you desire.


  1. Don’t follow trends blindly


Long sleeves, high necklines, crop blouses may be in trend currently. They might also look gorgeous on all the women you saw on Instagram. But before you decide on any design, it is best if you choose the design according to your body type.


  1. Embroidery and Embellishments 


Embroidery and Embellishments add to the glam of the blouse. In the same way, if overdone, it will look gaudy. It is best if the blouse is simple when the saree has too much work on it. There are many types to choose from, like floating embroidery, calligraphy embroidery, motifs, applique work. 


  1. Margins


Designer blouses are timeless pieces. You should be able to use it for many years in the future. Ask the tailor to leave extra fabric along the edges inside the blouse. Having room for alterations will help you accommodate any weight you gain in the future.


What are some of the timeless tips from your mothers and grandmothers? Do let us know in the comments.

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