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Wedding gowns

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Party gowns

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Evening gowns

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Yes we are the Best Gown Designer Boutique In Bangalore. We Mark Our territory With Authentic Gowns Designed Exclusively For You. We make the top gown designs in Bangalore with a well curated list of the latest designs in the market. We also welcome your gown design inspirations for your dream outfit.

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Looking for Fashionable designs for gowns? We are the Best in Bangalore. Our area of expertise is in gown designs with elegant fit and royal feel, will give you that seamless and simply outstanding look all customized and crafter in high quality

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Yes we are the top designers in Bangalore for gowns, our designs are exclusively new and your attire is designed by experts as per your requirements. Be it casual gown, evening gown, dining gown, or wedding gown, we do it all.

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We have a wide variety of collection of designs in our boutique, we recommend you to go through all the designs or discuss your inspirations with our gown designers and place your requests to us because we trust you know the best about your attire. You can bring your own fabric or we can get it for you.


We are marked as the famous gown designers by you, because of our timely delivery and fitting. We understand your uniqueness and so, we take in requests for alterations post product delivery. With our on time delivery, your experience with Bangalore Designer Boutique is smooth and hassle-free.

Designer gowns – Top 7 mistakes to avoid


All of you brides and bridesmaids are dreaming about the designer gown you want to wear. The excitement can soon make you overwhelmed and stressed when trying to find the perfect gown. 


Keep these tips in mind to make your shopping experience the most memorable and stress-free experience for you to cherish for a long time.


  1. Not sticking to your budget

You should have a fixed budget in your mind before you begin searching for the designer gown. When you start shopping, don’t try a gown out of your budget, thinking, “What is the harm in just trying it on?”. Trying an out of your budget gown will make you have an expectation and, nothing can feel better than the expensive one you tried on. 


  1. Shopping with too many people

Be particular about whom you are taking out shopping with you. It is best to take only your closest circle, like your mom, sister, and best friend. Having too many people will make it hard to please everyone. You will eventually not be satisfied with whatever you buy if someone else makes a negative remark.


  1. Buying your dream size

Buy your current size. Never buy a smaller or bigger size, assuming you will lose or gain weight and fit into the gown, before your big day. There is no going back if you buy a smaller size if you do not fit into the gown.


  1. The discounts trap

By falling into the discount trap, you may buy a gown even if you don’t like it. It may not be of the best quality and would be, tried on by many brides. It might be damaged, stained, or even torn. If you are buying a gown at a discount, be sure to check for any damage thoroughly. 


  1. Shopping too early or too late

Shop for the gown at the correct time. If you shop too early, the style may not be in trend when your big day arrives. If you shop too late, there may not be enough time for alterations. Shopping before three months will give you enough time for alterations.


  1. Buying something you are not comfortable in

You have to wear the designer gown for hours for the event. If you buy a gown you are not comfortable in it will make you grumpy. The gown the model is wearing may not make you feel the best when you wear it. Buy the style, necklines you are comfortable wearing.


  1. Trying gowns even after finding the one

Many of us women will keep looking for more gowns, even after finding the one we love in the hope of finding something better. The more dresses try on, the more you will start doubting your choice and end up disappointed. STOP after paying for the one. Don’t even look for gowns online.


What are some of your biggest no-no when shopping for designer gowns? Let us know in the comment section below.

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