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How To Choose The Perfect Embroidery Blouse online


Some of us like to buy the clothes we wear from shops or from malls, but many of us like to buy them online. It’s more convenient and saves time, right?

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Now, when ordering a fashionable embroidery blouse online, you first make sure it looks gorgeous and also check the tag to confirm the size. But once the order gets delivered to your doorstep, you put it on and realize it does not fit quite right. However, there are ways to ensure that this never happens again while still purchasing the perfect hand embroidery blouse online. Read on to find out how:

Find Sizing Guides on the Product Page

Get in the habit of measuring yourself and get a tape measure that you keep only for these measurements. You can always go to your favorite boutique website and buy the embroidery blouse online that fits you best.

The first mistake that most of us make is we ignore the fit guide and sizing charts and blindly order an embroidery blouse piece online without actually checking how it fits. Remember, some people are petite, others are busty, and some are curvy girls. Buying the same size as what your friend did can be a disaster, and you might end up with blouses that are tight on your shoulders or those which end up looking like an elephant suit.

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Also, your size is most likely not standard. When we say “standard,” it means sizes like XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and so on. Most of the time, these are made-up sizes that don’t match what we really wear. For example, you might take a medium in jeans but a small in shirts because mediums always tend to be too big for you. The same goes with embroidery blouse piece online shopping in general.

So before making any purchase decisions, make sure to check out several products first. If a piece suits you well, check on other products that might have similar fit notes by paying special attention to the note boxes at the bottom of the page.

Do not fall for fancy descriptions where the actual product is way off from what they are saying. Sometimes, even after reading the details, you might end up with the wrong size because of faulty measurements – so be careful of that, too.

Here at Bangalore Designer Boutique, we serve each customer as an individual and do not try to sell them anything outright just for the sake of gaining business. Instead, we like to take a customized approach for our esteemed clients and allow them to order according to their specific measurements and fits along with standard pre-determined sizes.

Shipping and delivery

Check how long it takes them to deliver your order. If they do not mention any time frame, they might take as long as a few weeks or even months to deliver your hand embroidery blouse online order.

When you order from our official website, you will instantly receive a confirmation email to your inbox with shipping details and a precise timeframe within which you can expect your product to be delivered to your doorstep.

Payment and security issues

Never give them your credit card details or even your checking account information online without verifying the website’s authenticity. These sites ask for this information on their “Payment” page, but this section can be easily faked by anyone with some basic knowledge about online shoppers’ needs. So make sure you are on the original site and not on a fake fishing site before putting any such sensitive information, and the transaction is being done through an authorized payment gateway. is proud to be a renowned verified online fashion store associated with major payment gateways and offers bank-grade security for any online purchase made from the website using your card details. The site never stores your payment information, and neither sells any of your sensitive data to third parties.

Return policy

Before actually placing an order for your chosen embroidery blouse piece online, check the seller’s return policy. Nothing is more discouraging than buying something that is not of the right size or color, especially when it’s a momentous occasion. If they offer a “free try-on,” you can opt for that and take home your favorite one before paying for it. This way, you can try it on and see if it fits you. If this method isn’t available to you, then read reviews of the seller and see if other customers had similar issues with sizing and how they were resolved. It would be wise to stick to those few sellers who offer free exchange or refund within reasonable terms.

Bangalore Designer Boutique has a clear no-questions-asked return policy of accepting any return and replacement request from its customers within a specified time period. Please check the particular policy page for more details.

But what if you have already ordered your Embroidery blouse online that didn’t fit you well?

You can either go to the nearest store or use a measuring tape to find out how much bigger or smaller the blouse is than what you were expecting. Then, you can order another one from a website and send back the first one that didn’t fit you well.

Please remember that not all websites offer free shipping, and if you want to return or exchange your embroidery blouse, then you will have to pay the shipping fee to send back your product. This can really add up if you order multiple items from different websites.

While allows its customers to purchase as per their non-standard custom sizes, there can still be instances when you are not happy with the fit when you actually wear them. In that case, you can either make the dress further customized as you wish from your local tailor shop or call the customer care number to arrange a return of the same.


There are so many websites offering hand embroidery blouse online. It would make your job a lot easier if you compile a list of all the websites you have visited and then compare their prices, quality, and even delivery times before you decide on the one that will offer you the best deal. Or you can cut all the hassle and just order from for the best online fashion buying experience. 

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